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The Bonfire 2 Uncharted Shores Full Version IAP [unlocked]

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Procedurally generated world mapThe Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores Full Version - IAP- the second part of a uniquestrategy gamewith elements of a survival simulatorfor androiddevices.Continuation of an amazing strategy game that was awarded with prestigious awards and amazed gamers with its most interesting and elaborate gameplay to the smallest detail, a variety of challenges and adventures. In this part of the game, you will find even greater freedom of action, traveling by ship, discovering new islands, collecting resources, trading in the markets, exploring procedurally generated world maps, the ability to create weapons and armor, as well as pump the characteristics of literally every inhabitant of your settlement. City building, crafting and battles In this part of the game you have to take a more responsible approach to building your own city , since now you yourself will choose exactly where and what buildings and structures to be erected, think over logistic aspects and much more. During the day you will be engaged in the development of the city, the exploration of lands and the discovery of new territories, the extraction of resources, crafting, the search for artifacts, but with the coming of night you will have to defend the territory from raiders, wolves, marauders, monsters and chupacabras.

CPUarummy joyrm7Android OS6.0Open GL2Free Space 160.38 MBAndroid TVNoGamepad SupportNoInternetNoEnglish languageNoHow do we get this dataWhats newBugs fixed.

Update history20-Nov-2023 - 189.0.5

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