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Free download Balloons Game: Numbers APK for Android

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Description of لعبة البالونات : الأرقام Educational balloons: the ability to distinguish numbers and numbers Balloons / Numbers game: Educational entertaining ★ Any learning goes through 4 stages: 1- Listening 2. Observation 3. Practice 4. Application This game has all these stages. The main objective is to help to know all the numbers and to develop kinetic and sensory skills ... Do not forget that self-evaluation always encourages and stimulates and continues to enrich knowledge to facilitate learning. It's very simple: - In this fun and educational game, you must press 10 balloons with the same number to win. ★ FEATURES: The interface is clear and simple ★ Game: ★ does not contain links to social networks ★ Do not collect any personal data ★ Does not contain in-app purchases ★ Game usable in portrait mode ★ better vision. ★ Learn to distinguish numbers and know their names and forms implicitly ★ Instant audio rating (notes + point) ★ How to use the game: ★ Educational balloons game is a game consisting of 28 pages in each page 20 balloons including 10 wrong answers and 10 answers are correct and every balloon bearing number one If you press the correct balloon you get one point If you click on the wrong balloon you get 0 poinrummy all app listts Finally, the application answers and gives you your 10 points plus notes ★ With time and practice you will be able to know all the good numbers and numbers.

Version history لعبة البالونات : الأرقام New in com.lafryhi.math002 1.3 - Fixing bugsNew in com.lafryhi.math002 1.2 Balloons - Numbers: Educational entertaining New in com.lafryhi.math002 1.1 Improved design quality. Optimize application compatibility with all device sizes. Add 4 more strings in the same topic. Please rate this app

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